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After Hours Peer Support Drop-In

After Hours Drop-In Program funded by
Brant United Way

Mood Walks Brantford

We are excited to announce that Mood Walks will be returning on April 19. 2023

Walking, a step in the right direction…

Mood walks is an educational and fun walking/hiking group in Brantford, Ontario for people living with mental health issues.

Are you interested in walking to improve your mental health? Then Mood Walks is for you! Mood Walks promotes both physical and mental health by encouraging group members to be physically active. Participants take part in group walks on local hiking trails.

Spending more time outdoors in nature has been proven to increase mental well-being. Members learn about nature and safe hiking practices while exploring some of our city’s 70 km of beautiful trails.

Mood Walks is a free program hosted by HOPE Brant.

Mood Walks Group will meet at 44 King Street, Suite 205, Brantford, Ontario, unless otherwise notified.

For further information and other inquires please contact or 519-751-1694

‘We Care’ Peer Support Program

The “WE CARE” program is a consumer/survivor outreach program providing peer support and personal care items for mental health in-patients, in a one-to-one contact with a consumer volunteer. 

 “WE CARE” was modeled on other successful peer support programs.

 Often a patient is admitted in a state of crisis, and some patients do not have access to soap, shampoo and other necessities.

 Others are about to be discharged, and need a packet to take home. 

 A trained H.O.P.E. consumer/survivor staff or volunteer takes bags of personal needs items, socks and information about peer supports in the community to share with mental health inpatients at Brant Community Healthcare System. 

 Any inpatient on the mental health unit can self-identify and meet with the volunteer/staff for personal care items, information and/or peer support.

 H.O.P.E. staff/volunteers attend every Friday morning at the Brantford site.  

 Support is offered from one mental health consumer to another and to help create linkages to peer supports and other resources for when a patient is discharged from hospital. 

 Since its inception on November 18, 2004, the “WE CARE” program has been a great success, providing packages and peer support to thousands of consumers of the mental health system. 

 The feedback from consumers has been very encouraging that this program is much needed and well received.

 The consumer to consumer connection is the heart of this program.

 Anyone interested in more information or in becoming a volunteer, please contact or you can call the H.O.P.E. office at 519 751-1694.

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Special Events

H.O.P.E. provides a number of activities where people living with mental illness can come together to have fun, connect with others, advocate for needed services, learn about issues that affect their lives and support one another:

Walk for H.O.P.E. Our annual fundraising event. All proceeds go directly to our peer support programs.

Annual Recovery Breakfast An annual event celebrating people with mental health and their journey towards recovery.

H.O.P.E.’s Holiday Open House An evening drop-in where we enjoy treats and fun activities while watching Brantford’s Annual Santa Claus Parade.

Annual AGM Celebrating our annual accomplishments and future endeavors.

Hungry for Knowledge We invite guest speakers to come in and talk while our participants are served a healthy lunch.


All activities are Free of charge.

We rely solely on donations and grants to fund all of our programs.

Help us spread H.O.P.E. in our community!