Helping Ourselves through Peer Support & Employment

Events Volunteer

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:  Coordinator of the Event

PURPOSE OF POSITION:  To assist with planning and delivering fund raising and awareness raising events being sponsored by H.O.P.E.


  • attend planning meetings to organize events
  • assist with putting together packages or materials for the event participants
  • attend on the day of the event to help with registration, organization, etc.
  • hand out flyers to encourage participation in the events
  • answer questions that participants might have about H.O.P.E. events
  • track the number of participants at events
  • refer any concerns to the coordinator of the event for follow-up


  • locations of events vary
  • meeting times vary depending on staff and volunteer availability


  • willing to take direction from the event coordinator
  • good listening skills and consideration of others’ opinions
  • current or former user of mental health services


Orientation to H.O.P.E. events and targets for fund raising or awareness raising


  • Regular two-way communication with the event coordinator
  • Debriefing after events as needed

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