Helping Ourselves through Peer Support & Employment

Our Code of Conduct


We believe in mutual respect & dignity for all!

H.O.P.E. has adopted these values of peer support:

  • Mutual respect for all persons regardless of circumstances
  • Empathy for individuals who have experienced mental illness
  • Personal responsibility for one’s own actions & decisions
  • Understanding that comes from personal experience with mental illness
  • Non-judgmental support
  • Hope for recovery from the effects of mental illness
  • Self-Determination to make one’s own choices
  • Self-Care for one’s own health
  • Give-and-take between all people
  • Mentoring to share life learnings with others

To create an environment of safety & respect for all participants we follow these guidelines:

  • No use of alcohol/illegal drugs on site
  • Avoid offensive language, teasing, gossip and hurtful remarks
  • No discrimination (sexism, racism or any prejudicial behaviour)
  • No sexual harassment
  • Respect confidentiality – “What is said here – stays here”
  • Stay home if you have a cold or flu  virus – and come back when you are well.